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Monday, July 1, 2013

Celebrating 1 Year of World Class Jazz in St. Albans - Queens New York

Saturday, June 29th, 2013 – The crowd looked almost spellbound by the enchanting sounds of the Ed Jackson Quartet, at the one year anniversary celebration of the Jackson Room jazz club in St. Albans, Queens.  Ed Jackson seemed almost possessed by an inner force of paradoxical output.  He was on his sax blowing forth steamy hot cool jazz beyond human description.  His music was moving the soul in an indescribable artistic appreciation.  His piano accompaniment for the night James Weidman, was also magical on the ivory keys with his fingers flying in precision rhythms further bringing the crowd to an incredulous awe of the moving musical sounds springing forth from the quartet.  All in attendance knew this was masterful musical collaboration entertaining us exclusively at this one moment in time.  This musical moment would never be quite duplicated again.

Essiet O Essiet on bass brought strong sophistication to the music that night as did Lionel Cordew on Drums.  Ed Jackson, recently back from a successful tour in England with the legendary Fatback Band, James Weidman who was just back from a jazz tour in Moscow, Essiet O Essiet also in Europe on music tours not long ago, and Lionel Cordew who played with the well respected Jeff Lorber recently didn’t disappoint the savvy jazz patrons.  They were billed as world class jazz performers and were quite up to the distinction.  In short the anniversary evening was exciting and musically satisfying to the auditory senses.

The sets were so moving they inspired patrons to order CDs at a high ratio clip plus the Jackson Room, Jazz club served delicious free anniversary cake, healthy hors d'oeuvres, and great refreshments.  It was a lovely evening.

Jackson Room, is dedicated to bringing high quality and world class jazz music to the St. Albans and South Queens, New York, communities.  Performances take place the last Saturdays of every month with two performances: at 8:00 pm and 10 pm.  Cover changes are $15 which includes hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.  Jackson Room, jazz club is located at: 192-07 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, NY 11412 (next to the Jackson Tax - Tax Service). Make a reservation by calling: (718) 525-2387 or Click Here for Reservations

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